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Training German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherds especially correctly bred German Shepherds are an investment, which I am sure you already know. Not only are they an investment financially they are also an investment emotionally (since your heart gets involved from the very first moment) and an investment that requires your time and patience. Whether they are going to be your closest family friend or protecting your homes and family a German Shepherd needs a job to be happy. The pup’s mind and body also have to be stimulated to make them your best friend.

Intelligent dogs need training and stimulation and if that is not provided they begin to fulfil their needs on their own. Just like children would not do a good job of raising themselves, neither can a German Shepherd, even though they always want to please their owner they have requirements that need to be met.

German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips

German Shepherds have been breed specifically as police, army and working dogs for so many years it is crucial to socialise your puppy with other dogs and as many people as possible early (before socialising with dogs you don’t know make sure your pup is completely safe)! When Vonziu puppies are only a few days old we take them to places out and about to socialise with people, this way we don’t have to worry about them not waiting too long for some good socialisation.

Give people treats and monitor who you allow to play with your puppy. I never let small children interact with young puppies on their own unsupervised for fear a negative experience can influence how your pup feels about kids. I also never let anyone else pick them up!

Crate Train Early

Your German Shepherd puppy will usually go through some radical chewing stages during teething their adult teeth and crate training your puppy correctly will be essential to save your precious things and also to give you some sanity and peace of mind when you leave.

We are emphatic crate training proponents. I think all dogs and puppies should be crate trained correctly. This will enhance and make their lives so much easier in the long run. There are times you may need to leave them at the groomers or the vets or even a boarding kennels and if they are used to a crate at home they will adapt much easier to it when they see one in other places.

Dogs that have never been crated trained have a horrible time at the vets, not only are they already scared but they feel caged in, but dogs that are crate trained feel safer in their own space.

Crate training also helps with toilet training and keeping your things safe when you’re gone and a crate is also good for mental sanity! We also advise to play games with them and feed them in there to teach them that crates are fun!

Make sure that the crate you get will be big enough for them to grow into, usually he or she will be a comparable size to their father / mother so when I purchase a crate I get one that would be big enough to comfortably fit the sire. Whereas it is true that your puppy could be bigger, chances are he will be close to the same size.

Clicker Training German Shepherd

I also block part of the crate off for small puppies so that they don’t have a HUGE space to wander in, this helps with toilet training. If your puppy can comfortably urinate or defecate in an area of their crate and then go to another spot to lay down they will be harder to toilet train.Vonziu can advise and supply the correct size of crate.

It is also important to note that puppies are like babies and gain bladder control at different times. A puppy should never be left in a crate more than a couple of hours. A good rule of thumb is however many months they are plus one… so an 8 week old puppy has to go outside every 3 hours at the very least.

In the beginning all puppies whine and cry and German Shepherd Dogs are usually no different. Their intelligence and desire to be with their humans and their "pack” will make them want to scream for your attention. But, be sure not to give in!

As soon as you allow your puppy out of their crate when they scream they will learn to use their voice to get whatever they want!

German Shepherds are way too big and intelligent to allow them to train YOU; YOU must be the trainer and the leader and be in charge from the moment you get home or you will be in for a difficult road of dog ownership ahead.

And, another tip: When toilet training be sure to go outside with your puppy to make sure they are "attending to business” and also keep an eye on them around the house. The moment your puppy is out of view chances are they are doing something naughty!

Always Be Kind and Consistent

Positive Training Your Puppy.

Make sure you are kind and consistent with your puppy! Dogs such as German Shepherds and a few other breeds will resist compulsion training by trying to defend themselves with their teeth.

Remember this was a dog bred to take on criminals, gun shots and still keep on coming. This is a breed that needs a soft intelligent hand and hands off training methods!

German Shepherds also uniquely (unlike most breeds) have a strong desire to please their master; I think this quality is what makes them stand apart as a family dog. Most have a sincere desire to do what you want, so with consistency and happy, healthy, positive training you will likely have a dog that lives to please you instead of one that wants to fight with you for using physical force and compulsion.

I love clicker training and I have never met a German Shepherd adult or puppy that didn’t either. Clicker training allows you to shape behaviours you like, get rid of behaviours you don’t like, and teach your puppy to play an interactive game that you will use to teach them new skills for the rest of their life.

Don’t get me wrong; once you have trained a behaviour you don’t need the clicker or the treat anymore but when you want to teach your old dog a new trick they will remember the game of clicker training and be willing to do just about anything for you!

Trained Correctly- You Will Have That Dog Everyone Is Jealous Of.