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Ms E.Jordan UK

Vonziu German Shepherds

When we went to pick our Vonziu German Shepherd up from Jay he told us she would be a really good dog and she is. She’s listened to us from day 1 and is as good as gold.

When we got Jovie our son would have been 8/9 months old and she’s just fitted in around him perfectly. She loves to just be with people all the time.

We purchased this puppy to help us feel safer at home and while she is of the best temperament she also helps by making us feel protected.

Everyone seems to have the same opinion of Vonziu German Shepherds which is a positive one. People who have I talked to about their German Shepherds do not speak as highly of their dogs as we do. These are definitely the best all round temperament that I’ve known from a breeder.

Think our pics speak for themselves

I just wanted to say thank you though, as I’ve always had a dog in my life but I moved out with my partner and had a baby so didn't want to struggle with baby & puppy and was worried I wouldn't be able to manage or give a puppy the time.

Unfortunately we got burgled during the daytime. So we therefore got a dog to make me feel safe again. I couldn’t have made a better decision. My GSD Jovie is best friends with my 10 month old son already and she looks after us and she is only 6 months old. She’s such a good dog.