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Mrs. P.Eggerton UK

Vonziu German Shepherds

Well I have this huge bed and believe it or not my little VonziuNaysa who is only six months old takes up quite a lot of it, which I don't mind, but I draw the line at being woken by her pushing the duvet off the end of the bed and then staring at my feet till I move them to get out of bed, now we have a morning fight over the duvet . She makes me laugh, she comes for cuddles if I'm not feeling great, she barks at strangers to protect me, but welcomes my friends who visit, she wears me out, she worries me when she's not feeling great or eating enough, and during training I'm amazed how smart she is, I'd swear she understands every word I say, she's amazing, not forgetting her stunning good looks, there is a great love affair going on here between me and my special VonziuNaysa.