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Mrs Elizabeth Price UK

Vonziu German Shepherds

I would just like to express the feeling of owning a VonZiu GSD. Keno is now nearly 21months old. He's been no other than a fabulous dog, learning every day as a pup what’s right and wrong and growing into not just a handsome boy but so intelligent, obedient and friendly dog. Whenever I walk him heads turn our way and people ask where we had him from and proud to let them know. Keno is a very loyal and protective dog. He has changed our lives in so many ways. He's part of our family now and we wouldn't be without him. If anybody is looking to own a GSD then we would recommend Vonziu. If i had a bigger house we would certainly have another Vonziu. Thank you Jay and Ann-Marie for giving us such a beautiful dog and of course Zammy and Cati (Keno's mam and dad)...x