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Debbie & Dave Nelson UK

Vonziu German Shepherds

Awww, he is sooo cute and I'm so smitten with him.

We have been extremely thankful to of found an extremely knowledgeable and caring breeder like VonZiu German Shepherds. They have so much love and care for the breed which comes through in the puppies that they bring into this world. 

We feel extremely lucky to have our little or (not so little now ) bear in our lives, We couldn't of asked for a more rounded puppy, he is completely soppy, laid back, confident, sociable boy and he has completely changed our lives and we could never imagine life without him.  

Food is an integral part of having a healthy dog and VonZiuElite food gives us that.  We have had our bear on VonziuElite  complete puppy food since we collected him and he is thriving on it and wouldn't use any other food for him, he has a very glossy coat and is a very healthy 36kg at the age of 11 months. When we go training with him we use VonZiu semi-moist treats and the training treats and he loves them.  

If you are looking for a caring, knowledgeable breeder then look no further as VonZui are the whole package working with only the best of the breed, producing the most beautiful puppies. 

Life is complete with our bear in our lives and we thank you both for letting one of their bears come to live with us.