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Preparing For Your New Vonziu Puppy

Caring For Your New Vonziu German Shepherd Puppy

Owning a dog can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it also carries with it a lot of responsibility. We hope these pointers we have put together will give you some help. If you have any questions concerning any subject relating to your Vonziu puppy, please do not hesitate to telephone, email or txt us. It is most important that you completely read the information that is provided to you here and in our substantial Puppy Pack. The puppy you now own is the result of carefully nurturing the mother and her puppies, raising them on a healthy diet and socialising them in a happy environment until the day arrives when they leave to go to their new homes. We do hope you will continue this work for a happy and healthy puppy.

Before you take your Puppy Home

You must first puppy proof your garden. Patch up any holes and make sure your fencing is high enough for the area in which the puppy is to play for your puppy not to get out. Your puppy may also dig if he/she gets bored. Have plenty of water available, usually 4-5 containers or buckets should be fine. Paddling pools and swimming pools are a great source of entertainment. Also some toys that float to put in the pools would be awesome as puppies just love water. Plenty of Shade/Shelter in the summer is also essential. All puppies should have at least 12 toys to start with and they will need to be refreshed with new ones each month until they are out of their chewing stage. We recommend ball like toys and not tug of war style toys for families with younger children.

Plants: Please check that your garden is dog friendly. I have placed some plants that are dangerous to dogs in our Puppy Pack but please there are 100's that can cause everything from skin allergies to death so please go to Google and check out your plants and weeds to make sure everything is safe.

Taking Your New German Shepherd Puppy Home

On arrival at your home:

  • Take your new puppy into your garden or exercise area you intend using and encourage him/her to sniff the ground.
  • He/she should be ready to go to the toilet and when your pup does make a big show, congratulating your pup so your pup understands that is where he/she does their business. Your pup has now learnt where the toilet is.
  • Watch out for signs of them wanting to go in the future; actions like pacing or standing at the door to the garden, sniffing the ground.

The First night;

  • Decide on which room your dog will be sleeping in, usually a place as quiet as possible and make them sure they have a nice, warm comfortable bed.
  • Your pup has been used to sleeping among other puppies so make lumps under the blanket and scatter some stuffed toys around their bed to make them feel more secure and less lonely. A soft radio in the background may also help. Newspaper / couch roll or old clothes should also be placed by the puppy’s bed area to help with overnight accidents until your puppy becomes house trained.
  • Settle your pup down just before you go to bed yourself – any activity outside the room once the pup is settled may cause them to try and get your attention.
  • Don’t make a major fuss perhaps a treat, tuck him/her in bed and leave the room if the pup cannot sleep next to you.
  • If at all possible let your puppy sleep on a warm blanket on the floor next to your bed until he/she settles in. Remembering your puppy is still just a baby and will be looking to you to make them feel secure. They like to feel part of the family as well so please don't be afraid to spoil them but be firm also. They will give you so much more in return as they get older.
  • Your new puppy may cry at night. Please be patient. They are frightened especially when they cannot see you. Please put yourself in their shoes. They leave their siblings, their environment and their routine they have been used to since the day they were born and you have taken them to their new home, new people and new surroundings all in one day. Then they are expected to sleep on their own. Please be patient and remember your puppy is only 8 weeks old. They can be unsure of the food you are providing so please try and follow OUR Vonziu food guide. For their first night home some roast cooked chicken breast (no skin or bones) is highly recommended (not the bones or skin just flesh). There are very few dogs that will turn down roast chicken and it will just help them to settle in. Please check with us concerning which dry food he/she is on. It is preferable from a medical point of view you stay to the same one for at least the first 4 weeks. At present they are eating Vonziu Elite Puppy Food & Vonziu Elite Puppy Milk which is available direct from us at our home and kennels or can be delivered direct to your door from our online shop with free next day delivery www.VonziuElite.com