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VONZIU is a global bloodlined breeding operation, which currently stands sires from the pinnacle of German VA1 & VA heritage. Having exported World Championship winning blood lined pups to every continent on the globe. We have now won numerous international titles with our exported progeny. Our headquarters are at Eagle Hall, Lincolnshire in the rolling British countryside. This enables us to have the perfect amount of space and setting for our dogs to live a lavish lifestyle.

As a German Shepherd breeder, we carefully choose our world class bloodlines - based on over 30 years of research and experience with this wonderful breed. Vonziu only breed from dams with excellent health, and great temperament. Each time we breed we find the best sire for our dams - according to bloodlines, health, structure, and working ability. There are always specific goals for every breeding at Vonziu.

The German Shepherd Dog is the most popular breed in the world, famous for its intelligence, devotion, loyalty and guardian instincts. Being a German Shepherd breeder is a huge responsibility because our own expectations are so high.

At Vonziu we know the German Shepherd, it is our calling, our passion and our dreams and we are delighted to share these with you. Our puppies are born in our home, we love to spend time with them and socialise them extensively.

Vonziu German Shepherds

Our Kennels Name: Ziu is a Germanic God of Old, most often equated in Latin chronicles.

The God of the Sword is the firm keeper of oaths, a God of undying loyalty and of unwavering and unrelenting trust.

He is renowned for his great wisdom.

Unrivalled in his sense of duty and nerve, and as the old tales tell us, was the only God brave enough to dare to approach and bind the Wolf of Chaos. True qualities possessed by the German Shepherd.

My dream as a child was to become a German Shepherd breeder, but not just a breeder a "German Shepherd Breeder Of Distinction” of course people that knew me thought that this was only a young boys fascination and surely he would grow up in pursue of other goals. What they didn't realise is that my first German Shepherd named "Freddie”, (a rescue from the National Canine Defence League) left me with a memory that I would cherish for a lifetime.

At Vonziu German Shepherds our priority is in our dogs, breeding this magnificent breed is a privilege and an honour.

When you consider your puppy selection from Vonziu for your family, or the German Shepherd show ring and/or a magnificent companion you are truly getting the best possible German Shepherd puppies in the world!

Breeding the German Shepherd is not just a hobby for us, it is our passion, a commitment of excellence, perfection with knowledge, a dedication that starts with the breeder and our breeding stock of superior German Shepherd sires and dams.

We back it up with a service that supports our character and our integrity. We believe in our German Shepherd Breeding Program, you should too!